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Helene Tschacher - Germany

Catherine Nash - USA

Lynn Sures - USA

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Sigrid Schraube, Germany

Helen Hiebert, USA

Renate Habinger, Austria

Loreto Apilado, The Philippines

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Sweden and Philippines

Margareta Mannervik - Sweden

Asao Shimura - Philippines

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Uk and Korean contributions

Joanne B Kaar

Sang Jae Nam

Sang Jae Nam

Sunshine in the Morning Calm

After much consideration about what would best represent Korea, I finally decided that
it would be best to use the prime symbol in our national flag, the TaeGeuk.

The TaeGeuk denotes beginnings and endings.
It is the first and foremost among the Yin and Yang and the Five Elements.

Using Hanji , korean traditional paper , I have produced abstract Paper work by replacing the blue and red of the TaeGuek with white and other natural colors.
Neutral shades complement the soft light that has passed through the Hanji.

I also used mulberry tree bark,and ancient book pages cut into strips ,which I wove with

very thin and pure Hanji yarn together.

With this work I strive to make more of a lyrical expression
than a visual one, stirring emotions with the subtle power of poetry.

Through the TaeGuek pattern I tried to express my inner calm, purity, hope and voice; an orchestra of tranquil sunlight early in the morning.

Shared Journeys first post

Papermakers of Victoria is hosting an International exhibition next year to coincide with the IAPMA Congress in Burnie and I was set the task of sending personal invites to some of the Internationals I know. Not having enough on my plate I decided to also invite them to participate in a collaboration. I made the paper and sent it all around the world and now I am waiting for it to come back. So far I have the three pictured on this page from Hana Altaraz, Marj Alexander and Priscilla Robinson. It is my plan to bind them together with a piano hinge binding.

Hana Altaraz

Marge Alexander

Priscilla Robinson